Your Platform to Build Identity Applications

We make it easy to build next-generation trusted experiences with decentralized identity.


DID:CONNECT is Your New Identity Layer

Everything you need to build your Identity Apps to create trusted data sharing and connectivity between users and your service.

Identity Ownership

Users bring their identities and control their data, logins, and purchases.

User-Centric Design

Easily provision and integrate identity apps in a few steps with templates and more.

interface mockup verified certificate

Industry Standards

Industry and GDPR compliant with support for leading standards like OAuth 2.0.

Trusted and Scalable

Cloud computing + blockchain to make it transparent, scalable, and secure.

step 1 users

No more passwords

Provide easy QR Code based sign up and sign on to your applications and integrate it into your existing service or app with ease.

Design and issue user certificates

Easily issue blockchain-backed digital certificates that are shareable and verifiable anywhere in the world.

step 2 certificate

step 3 system

Payments, Access and more

Accept digital payments, add payment gateways to monetize your content, or setup identity verification to access protected information.

Creator Dashboard

Get started with a ready-made templates, verify activity and usage, and control access. Build one identity app, or combine different apps, and easily integrate experiences that put your users first.

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The leading identity wallet free for every user



Use the decentralized identity wallet to login, access your service and make payments.


Users can receive, send, store and verify their identity, assets and certificates.

wallet certificate


Let users interact with your service by simply asking for the information you want.


Users have control over their identity and assets with integrated backups and easy recovery.

Build Your First Identity Application Today.